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Email : khemani [at] cse [dot] iitm [dot] ac [dot] in   |   Phone : 4365
Lab(s) : AIDB Lab.
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Research Interests :

Artifical intelligence, Knowledge-based systems, Case-based reasoning, Knowledge representation, Planning, Logic, Natural language processing

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  • Content Selection for Time Series Summarization Using Case-Based Reasoning. 
    Authors : Neha Dubey Dubey, Sutanu Chakraborti, Deepak Khemani
    Appeared in Proceedings of the Thirty-First International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference, FLAIRS 2018, Melbourne, Florida, USA. May 21-23 2018. (FLAIRS 2018) ,pp.395-398, May 2018
  • Content and Context: Two-Pronged Bootstrapped Learning for Regex-Formatted Entity Extraction. 
    Authors : Stanley Simoes, Deepak P, Munu Sairamesh, Deepak Khemani, Sameep Mehta
    Appeared in Proceedings of the Thirty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, February 2-7, 2018, Feb 2018
  • Reasoning with Sets to Solve Simple Word Problems Automatically. 
    Authors : Sowmya S. Sundaram, Deepak Khemani
    Appeared in Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Natural Language Processing, ICON 2017, Kolkata, India, December 18-21, 2017 (ICON 2017) ,pp.188-196, Dec 2017
  • Ontology Re-Engineering: A Case Study from the Automotive Industry. 
    Authors : Nestor Rychtyckyj, Venkatesh Raman, Baskaran Sankaranarayanan, P. Sreenivasa Kumar, Deepak Khemani
    Appeared in AI Magazine, Vol 38, pp.49-60, Jan 2017
  • Hybrid of Qualitative and Quantitative Knowledge Models for Solving Physics Word Problems. 
    Authors : Savitha Sam Abraham, Deepak Khemani
    Appeared in Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference, FLAIRS 2016, Key Largo, Florida, May 16-18, 2016. (FLAIRS 2016) ,pp.510-515, May 2016

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Jul 2019 - Nov 2019 : - Artificial Intelligence (CS6380)
Jan 2019 - May 2019 : - Artificial Intelligence (CS6380)
Jul 2016 - Nov 2016 : - Artificial Intelligence (CS6380)
Jan 2016 - Apr 2016 : - Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (CS6770)
Jan 2016 - Apr 2016 : - Planning and Constraint Satisfaction (CS6680)

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ProgramNameRoll No.Joining DateFunding
PhDNitin Kumar DhimanCS09D024Dec 2008EXTERNAL
PhDJyothis V.CS10D001Dec 2009HTRA
PhDSavitha Sam AbrahamCS13D005Dec 2012HTRA
PhDSowmya S SundaramCS13D027Jul 2013HTRA
MSShashank ShekharCS13S010Dec 2012HTRA
MSRavisekhar RCS15S007Jan 2015HTRA
MSSarathi KCS18S041Jan 2019HTRA