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Code Course Name Type Pre-req Slot Room Instructor(s) Links
CS4011 Principles of Machine Learning Elective G CS36 Balaraman Ravindran.
CS5820 Probability and Computing Elective F CS24 John Augustine.
CS6014 Computability and Complexity Elective CS2200 A CS34 B. V. Raghavendra Rao.
CS6100 Topics in Design and Analysis of Algorithms Elective G CS24 N.S. Narayanaswamy.
CS6111 Foundations of Cryptography Elective K CS36 Shweta Agrawal.
CS6120 Wireless Communication and Networks Elective F CS26 C. Siva Ram Murthy.
CS6140 Advanced Programming Lab Elective Q SYSL Meghana Nasre.
CS6190 Recent Developments in Theoretical Computer Science Elective L CS36 Shweta Agrawal, Satya Lokam.
CS6230 CAD for VLSI Elective K CS24 V. Viswanathan.
CS6440 Distributed Computing Elective J CS24 D. Janakiram.
CS6500 Network Security Elective CS2700, CS2710, CS3200, CS3210 K CS34 Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam.
CS6570 Secure Systems Engineering Elective G CS34 Chester Rebeiro.
CS6600 Computer Architecture Elective J CS36 Pradeep Ramachandran.
CS6690 Pattern Recognition Elective E CS26 Hema A. Murthy.
CS6777 Optimization Methods for Computer Vision Applications Elective A CS36 Sukhendu Das.
CS6842 Algorithmic Algebra Elective J CS34 Jayalal Sarma.
CS7011 Topics in Reinforcement Learning Elective CS6700 A CS26 Balaraman Ravindran.

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