Lakshmi Ravi Best Dual Degree Project Award

Lakshmi Ravi Best Dual Degree Project Award in CSE for Best Dual Degree Project Award (started in 2017).
Frequency : Yearly
Eligibility : Final Year Projects done as a part of the B.Tech (DD) CSE program at IIT Madras.

Members from CSE Dept who won Lakshmi Ravi Best Dual Degree Project Award

  • 2022 : C.Gautam, Sheth Dev Yashpal.
  • 2021 : Pranav Gadikar, Ayalur Vedpuriswar Lakshmy.
    Pranav Umesh Gadikar (CS16B115) (Guide: Dr.Pratyush Kumar) Citation: Considerable contributions to both learning and inference on the edge with deep learning models that impact the deployment of both reinforcement learning and natural language understanding models.
    Ayalur Vedpuriswar Lakshmy (CS16B101) (Guide: Dr.Chester Rebeiro) Citation: The first analytical approach for side-channel leakage estimation that is at least 100-times faster than any simulation-based approach.
  • 2020 : Harshavardhan P K.
    CS15B061 Harshavardhan P.K. (Guide: Balaraman Ravindran)
  • 2019 : Vignesh Manoharan, Sistla Meghana Aparna.
    CS14B052 Sistla Meghana Aparna (Guide: Krishna Nandivada)
    CS14B055 Vignesh Manoharan (Guide: Jayalal Sarma)
  • 2018 : Sanchit Agrawal.
    Guided by Mitesh Khapra.
  • 2017 : Sahil Sharma.
    Sahil Sarma (CS12B060) : Temporal Abstractions and Multi-Task Learning for High Dimensional Visual Control (Guide: Balaraman Ravindran)

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