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S. Lakshmivarahan
Faculty Member, Feb 1971 - Jan 1970
Research Interests :
Next Position : Visiting Faculty in Brown University
S. Sampath
Faculty Member, Apr 1973 - Feb 1981
Research Interests :
Next Position : Director, IIT Kanpur
Kadathur B. Lakshmanan
Faculty Member, Dec 1980 - Apr 1986
Research Interests : Programming Methodologies, Data Structures and Analysis of Algorithms.
Next Position : Faculty at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
N Parameswaran
Faculty Member, Sep 1982 - Sep 1991
Research Interests :
Next Position : Faculty at University of New South Wales, Kensington, Australia
Faculty Member, Sep 1970 - Feb 1993, Retired from Service
Research Interests :
H N Mahabala
Faculty Member, Sep 1972 - Jun 1995, Retired from Service
Research Interests : Software Engineering and Embedded Systems
Ravi Prakash Gorthi
Faculty Member, May 1987 - Jul 1995
Research Interests :
Next Position : IBM Global Services, Bangalore
G.V. Ramana Rao
Faculty Member, Jul 1988 - Feb 1997
Research Interests :
Next Position : Stanford Research Institute (SRI), San Jose , USA
Ravi Mittal
Faculty Member, Sep 1990 - Sep 1997
Research Interests : Switching networks, Computer Architecture, Fault tolerant Computing.
Next Position : Hughes Software Systems, Bangalore
R. Sundar
Faculty Member, Sep 1987 - Sep 1999
Research Interests : Video-Streaming-Over-IR, System-on-Chip Architecture,Voice-over-Packet Systems, Embedded Systems Design, Digital Signal Processing, Speech Technologies, Digital Systems & VLSI Design.
C. R. Muthukrishnan
Faculty Member, Sep 1965 - Sep 2005, Retired from Service
Research Interests : Software engineering, Computer architecture, Distributed and parallel systems, Object oriented systems and Databases.
B. Yegnanarayana
Faculty Member, Sep 1965 - Dec 2005, Retired from Service
Research Interests : Digital signal processing, Speech and vision, Voice input/output systems, Neural networks.
Next Position : Faculty, IIIT Hyderabad.
S. Raman
Faculty Member, Sep 1965 - Dec 2005, Retired from Service
Research Interests : Computer system design, Microprocessor based peripherals, Natural language processing, Multimedia.
Sudha Natarajan
Faculty Member, Mar 2003 - Mar 2006
Research Interests : VLSI Architectures for Signal Processing, Neural Networks, Computer Vision.
Next Position : Assistant Professor, NTU Singapore
Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
Faculty Member, Sep 2006 - Apr 2008
Research Interests : Cryptography, VLSI (Design and Test) of Cryptographic Algorithms.
Next Position : Faculty, Department of CSE, IIT Kharagpur
R. Kalyana Krishnan
Faculty Member, Aug 1972 - Mar 2011, Retired from Service
Research Interests : Computing with Indian Languages. Statistical Signal Processing of Biomedical or Acoustic Signals. Computer Architecture, Computer System Design.
Kamala Krithivasan
Faculty Member, Aug 1975 - Jun 2014, Retired from Service
Research Interests : Unconventional Models of Computation. Automata Theory.
Shankar Balachandran
Faculty Member, Jul 2005 - Feb 2016
Research Interests : CAD for VLSI, Reconfigurable computing, Computer architecture.
Next Position : Intel Research Labs, Bangalore, India
S. V. Raghavan
Faculty Member, Jul 1974 - Jun 2016, Retired from Service
Research Interests : Computer networks and protocols. Security, Electronic commerce, Data warehousing.
Rajsekar Manokaran
Faculty Member, Oct 2014 - Apr 2017
Research Interests : Convex Relaxations, Approximation Algorithms. Probablistically Checkable Proofs, Inapproximability.
Sayan Ranu
Faculty Member, Jan 2014 - Dec 2017
Research Interests : Graph Indexing, Graph Mining, Trajectory Analytics, Bioinformatics.
Next Position : Faculty, CSE Dept, IIT Delhi
Aritra Hazra
Faculty Member, Aug 2015 - Dec 2017
Research Interests : Formal Methods, Design Verification, VLSI CAD, Reliability, Fault-tolerant Systems, Embedded Control Scheduling.
Next Position : Faculty, CSE Dept, IIT Kharagpur
Timothy A. Gonsalves
Faculty Member, Jul 1982 - Jun 2019, Retired from Service
Research Interests : Computer networks, Distributed systems, Telecom software, Performance evaluation
Next Position : Director of IIT Mandi
C. Pandu Rangan
Faculty Member, Jul 1985 - Jul 2021
Research Interests : Cryptography and Security Protocols, Graph theory, Computational Geometry, Randomized and Parallel Algorithms.
Next Position : Sathish Dhawan Visiting Chair Professor at IISc Bangalore.
K. C. Sivaramakrishnan
Faculty Member, Jan 2019 - Dec 2022
Research Interests : Programming models, Compilers, Static Analysis, Schedulers, Threading Systems, and Memory Management.
Anurag Pandey
Faculty Member, Sep 2022 - Jan 2023
Research Interests : Algebraic complexity theory, theory of computation
Deepak Khemani
Faculty Member, Jul 1989 - Jul 2023, Retired from Service
Professor, Plaksha University.
Research Interests : Artifical intelligence, Knowledge-based systems, Case-based reasoning, Knowledge representation, Planning, Logic, Natural language processing
Krishna Pillutla
Faculty Member, Apr 2024 - Jun 2024
Research Interests : Theory and practice of ML & AI - privacy-preserving, federated, and robust learning, with applications to LLMs and generative AI.
Next Position : Assistant Professor, Dept of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSAI), IIT Madras.

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