M.Tech Curriculum

M. Tech (CSE) Curriculum - Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering - July 2020 onwards

Sem.Course No.Course TitleLectureTutorialExt. Tut.LabTotal
1CS5800Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms3100812
1CS6150Advanced Programming1003812
1ELE1Elective 13100812
1ELE2Elective 23100812
Semester 1 Credits : Total48
2ELE3Elective 33100812
2ELE4Elective 43100812
2ELE5Elective 53100812
2ELE6Elective 63100812
Semester 2 Credits : Total48
3CS5998M.Tech Project I00004848
Semester 3 Credits : Total48
4CS6019M.Tech Project II00004848
Semester 4 Credits : Total48
Total Program Credits : Total192

  • The L-T-ET-P-O credits may vary for each CSE elective course; the total number of credits will be 12.
  • Project Phase I is a prerequisite for Project Phase II. Project Phase I will be evaluated by a PG committee in the month of November/December (the third semester in the program). The following are the three cases based on the Project Phase I grade:
    • Grade C or above: Project Phase II (48 credits) in the 4th semester.
    • Grade D and E: Project Phase IIA (12 credits) and 3 department electives (36 credits) in the 4th semester.
    • Grade U: Repeat Project Phase I (48 credits) in the 4th semester. Then, do Project Phase IIA (12 credits) and 3 department electives (36 credits) in the 5th semester.
  • For students with CGPA of 6.0 or below at the end of the second semester, the Faculty Advisor and the Head of the Department may recommend, on a case-by-case basis, that the student register for MTech Project Credits of 60 (CS5998 and CS6119) in the fourth semester or later, after completing 36 credits of Department electives.
  • Only students who have completed at least 7 courses at the end of the second semester will be permitted to register for the M.Tech Project Phase-I in the third semester. Students with more than one uncompleted course must complete all coursework by the end of the third semester and then register for M.Tech project credits, in consultation with Faculty Advisor and the Head of the Department. These students will take more than 4 semesters to meet the requirements for M.Tech degree.
  • Maximum of two non-CSE department courses can be credited as Department electives, with the approval of the Faculty Advisor and HoD, CSE. The current list of non-CSE department courses approved by the department is given in Annexure-I. This list may be revised from time to time.
Annexure: List of non-CSE department courses that can be taken as department electives

Sl No.Course No.Course Title
1BT6270Computational Neuroscience
2BT5420Computer Simulations of Biomolecular Systems
3EE5120Applied Linear Algebra
4EE5121Convex Optimization
5EE5130Digital Signal Processing
6EE5140Digital Modulation and Coding
7EE5142Introduction to Information Theory and Coding
8EE5154Complex Network Analytics
9EE5162Information Theory
10EE5170Speech Signal Processing
11EE5175Image Signal Processing
12EE5176Computational Photography
13EE6132Machine Learning for Computer Vision
14MA5011Advanced Graph Theory
15MA5014Applied Stochastic Processes
16MA5015Number Theory
17MA5440Combinatorics and Number Theory
18MA5850Operations Research
19MA5890Numerical Linear Algebra
20MA6001Introduction to Coding Theory
21MA6005Applied Linear Algebra
22MA6190Mathematical Logic
23MA6210Combinatorial Optimization
24MA6312Mathematical theory of Games
25MA6420Algebraic Theory of Codes and Automata
26MA6470Commutative algebra
27MA6480Galois theory

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