Prof H N Mahabala Endowment Prize

Prof. H.N. Mahabala retired as a professor from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras. He contributed immensely to building a very conductive academic atmosphere within the department. While retiring from IITM, he instituted a prize for Best M.Tech Project done in CSE Dept. The award is usually given during the convocation itself.
  • Frequency : every year.
  • Eligibility : All M.Tech Students who is getting the degree in the convocation.

Members from CSE Dept who won Prof H N Mahabala Endowment Prize

  • 2021 : Athul M A.
    Athul M A (CS19M015) - Hyper-IMRANK: Ranking-based Influence Maximization for Hypergraphs. (Guide: Dr.Arun Rajkumar)
  • 2020 : Shahbaz Husain.
    Shahbaz Husain (CS18M049) - (Guide: Rupesh Nasre)
  • 2019 : Shubham Patel, Jaya Ingle.
    • Shubham Patel (CS17M051) (Guide: Mitesh Khapra)
    • Jaya Ingle (CS17M060) (Guide: Mitesh Khapra)
  • 2018 : Ganesh K.
    Thesis Guided by Rupesh Nasre
  • 2017 : Ajay Fuloria, Naveen Kumar.
    • Ajay Fuloria (CS15M003): Autonomous Navigation For Quadrotors (Guide: Anurag Mittal)
    • Naveen Kumar (CS15M031): Design and Performance Evaluation of Distributed Controllers Assisting D2D Transfers in LTE-A Networks (Guide: C. Sivaram Murthy)
  • 2016 : Surabhi Abhimithra Karthikeya, Gorla Sreekanth.
    • Surabhi Abhimitra Karthikeya - "On Optimal Placement and Power-Aware Connectivity of Gateways in IOT Networks" (Guide: Prof. C. Siva Ram Murthy)
    • Sreekanth Gorla - "List Coloring in Planar Graphs" (Guide: Dr. Meghana Nasre).
  • 2015 : Harini A., Sharath Babu.
  • 2014 : Sai Nageswar Sachitanand.
    Thesis Title : (Guide : Balaraman Ravindran).
  • 2013 : Dinesh Krishnamoorthy, Saurav Kant Jha.
  • 2012 : Vijay Ekambaram.
    Thesis Title : Interest flooding reduction techniques in CCN AND semi-CCN network architectures (Guide : Krishna Sivalingam).
  • 2010 : Aashish A Dattani, Surendra Sharma.
    • Thesis Title (Aashish Dattani) :Reducing Markov Decision Processes using Approximate Symmetries (Guide : Ravindran Balaraman)
    • Suredra Sharma : Alpha beta filter based predictive target tracking and guidance in wireless sensor networks. (Guide : Krishna Sivalingam)
  • 2009 : N. Srinath, P Uma Maheswari.
  • 2008 : Gatta Suresh Babu, Reena Nair.

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