25th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking

4th - 7th January 2024, Chennai, India

Accepted Papers

ICDCN 2024 List of the accepted paper titles and author information.

Conference proceedings are now available here.

Regular Papers

  • Self-stabilizing Byzantine Multivalued Consensus
    Romaric Duvignau (Chalmers University of Technology), Michel Raynal (IRISA), Elad Michael Schiller (Chalmers University of Technology)
  • Correctness of Flow Migration
    Radhika Sukapuram (Indian Institute of Information Technology Guwahati), Ranjan Patowary (Central Institute of Technology Kokrajhar), Gautam Barua (Indian Institute of Information Technology Guwahati)
  • Space and Move-optimal Arbitrary Pattern Formation on a Rectangular Grid by Robot Swarms
    Avisek Sharma (Jadavpur University), Satakshi Ghosh (Jadavpur University), Pritam Goswami (Jadavpur University), Buddhadeb Sau (Jadavpur University)
  • Maximal Independent Set via Mobile Agents
    Debasish Pattanayak (Université du Québec en Outaouais, Gatineau, Canada), Subhash Bhagat (Indian Institute Technology, Jodhpur), Sruti Gan Chaudhuri (Jadavpur University), Anisur Rahaman Molla (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata)
  • Arbitrary Pattern Formation on a Continuous Circle by Oblivious Robot Swarm
    Brati Mondal (Jadavpur University), Pritam Goswami (Jadavpur University), Avisek Sharma (Jadavpur University), Buddhadeb Sau (Jadavpur University)
  • Parallel Algorithms for Equilevel Predicates
    Vijay Garg (The University of Texas at Austin), Robert Streit (The University of Texas at Austin)
  • Replay Clocks
    Ishaan Lagwankar (Michigan State University), Sandeep Kulkarni (Michigan State University)
  • Sublinear Message Bounds of Authenticated Implicit Byzantine Agreement
    Manish Kumar (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata), Anisur Rahaman Molla (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata)
  • Mitigating IoT Botnet DDoS Attacks through MUD and eBPF based Traffic Filtering
    Angelo Feraudo (University of Bologna), Diana Andreea Popescu (University of Cambridge) Poonam Yadav (University of York), Richard Mortier (University of Cambridge), Paolo Bellavista (University of Bologna)
  • Defending Hash Tables from Subterfuge with Depth Charge
    Trisha Chakraborty (Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Mississippi State University), Jared Saia (Department of Computer Science, University of New Mexico), Maxwell Young (Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Mississippi State University)
  • A Further Study on Weak Byzantine Gathering of Mobile Agents
    Kaushik Mondal (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India), Ashish Saxena (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India)
  • ASAP: Asynchronous Split Inference for Accelerated DNN Execution
    Waleed Mubark (University of Missouri-Kansas City, MO, USA), Jagannath Guptha Kasula (University of Missouri-Kansas City, MO, USA), Md Yusuf Sarwar Uddin (University of Missouri-Kansas City, MO, USA)
  • Halting the Solana Blockchain with Minimal Stake
    Jakub Sliwinski (ETH Zurich), Quentin Kniep (ETH Zurich), Roger Wattenhofer (ETH Zurich), Fabian Schaich (ETH Zurich)
  • SmartGrid-NG: Blockchain Protocol for Secure Transaction Processing in Next Generation Smart Grid
    Lokendra Vishwakarma (Indian Institute Technology, Jodhpur), Debasis Das (Indian Institute Technology, Jodhpur), Sajal K. Das (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA), Christian Becker (Institute for Parallel and Distributed Systems, University of Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Distributed Uniform Partitioning of a Region using Opaque ASYNC Luminous Mobile Robots
    Subhajit Pramanick (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati), Saswata Jana (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati), Adri Bhattacharya (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati), Partha Sarathi Mandal (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)
  • Tero: Offloading CDN Traffic to Massively Distributed Devices
    Juan Vanerio (University of Vienna), Lily Hügerich (TU Berlin), Stefan Schmid (TU Berlin, University of Vienna)
  • Renting Servers in the Cloud: Parameterized Analysis of FirstFit
    Mahtab Masoori (Concordia University), Lata Narayanan (Concordia University), Denis Pankratov (Concordia University)
  • LightKey: Lightweight and Secure Key Agreement Protocol for Effective Communication in Internet of Vehicles
    Harsha Vasudev (Department of Mathematics, University of Padua, Italy), Shariq Mohamad (Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology, India), Sanjeev Dwivedi (VIT AP, India), Mauro Conti (University of Padua, Italy and TU Delft and University of Washington, Seattle)
  • Performance evaluation of Private and Public Blockchains for multi-cloud service federation
    Adam Zahir (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Milan Groshev (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) Kiril Antevski (AXo solutions), Carlos J.Bernardos (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Constantine Ayimba (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Antonio de la Oliva (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
  • Application and Energy-Aware Data Aggregation using Vector Synchronization in Distributed Battery-less IoT Networks
    Chetna Singhal (IIT Kharagpur), Subhrajit Barick (IIT Kharagpur), Rishabh Sonkar (IIT Kharagpur)
  • A Network Segmentation Architecture for Flow Aggregation and DDoS Mitigation in SDN Using RAPID Flow Rules
    Himanshu (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India), Kaushik Saha (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India), Payali Das (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India), Swades De (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India)
  • SMT-as-a-Service for Fog-Supported Cyber-Physical Systems
    Stefan Holzer (Distributed Systems Group, TU Wien), Pantelis Frangoudis (Distributed Systems Group, TU Wien), Christos Tsigkanos (University of Bern), Schahram Dustdar (Distributed Systems Group, TU Wien)
  • Collision-Free Linear Time Mutual Visibility for Asynchronous Fat Robots
    Subhash Bhagat (Indian Institute Technology, Jodhpur), Rajarshi Ray (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science), Paulomi Dey (St.Thomas' College of Engineering and technology)


  • Real-Time Air Quality Predictions for Smart Cities using TinyML
    Arko Datta, Aniruddha Pal, Ranbir Marandi, Nilanjan Chattaraj, Subrata Nandi, and Sujoy Saha
  • Optimal Localization Prediction Using Red Vulture Arrival Approach in Underwater Sensor Networks
    Kamal Kumar Gola and Shikha Arya
  • Re-Max: A Reward Maximization Approach for Heterogeneous Drone Scheduling Problem
    Satyajit Mohapatra and Sanjeet Kumar Nayak
  • Application and Energy-Aware Data Aggregation using Vector Synchronization in Distributed Battery-less IoT Networks (Invited)
    Chetna Singhal, Subhrajit Barick, and Rishabh Sonkar
  • Correctness of Flow Migration (Invited)
    Radhika Sukapuram, Ranjan Patowary, Gautam Barua

Doctoral Symposium

  • Security Framework for Non-public 5G Network Deployments
    Arpit Tripathi
  • Enhancing Connectivity in UAV-Assisted Cellular Networks: A Dynamic Approach to User Association and Resource Allocation
    Kanhu Charan Gouda
  • Distributed Graph Computations via Mobile Robots
    Prabhat Kumar Chand
  • Resource Allocation Optimization in Local and Wide Area Networks through Social Network Integration
    Sangya Shrivastava
  • Improving Throughput and Fault Tolerance of Blockchain Nodes
    Manaswini Piduguralla
  • Concurrent Lock-Free Dynamic Graphs with wait-free snapshots using versioning
    Gaurav Bhardwaj
  • Gathering and Arbitrary Pattern Formation by Asynchronous Robot Swarms
    Satakshi Ghosh