MS-PhD Admissions (Jul 2017) - Shortlisted Candidates for MS, PhD and DirectPhD programs at the CSE Dept IIT Madras.

Following are the application numbers of the student shortlisted for the written test phase of the selection process.

Note 1 : : Shortlisted candidates will receive email intimation about the same before Apr 18, 2017, 5pm.
See admissions page for the reporting time for shortlisted candidates and also for the shortlisting criteria and statistics for this round of admissions.
Note 2 : The shortlisting is based on the data available in the system about the UG/PG/GATE scores of the candidates. If you see any discrepancy, and you do qualify as per the shortlisting criteria mentioned above, please contact before 5pm, Apr 19, 2017.
Note 3 : : The following additional instructions have been sent through to the shortlisted candidates through email.
  • If you wish to avail hostel accommodation, kindly apply through hostel office. You have to upload the correspondence letter/email for verification, while applying.
  • Please bring ORIGINALs and ONE copy of all your relevant marksheets (X, XII, UG, PG), degree certificates, GATE score card printout (if applicable), and all other relevant documents.
  • Kindly let us know if you are planning to attend the written test/interview, by filling the google form (link sent in the email) latest by 5pm, April 26.

Application Numbers :

MS :
CS1703M0005 CS1703M0006 CS1703M0010 CS1703M0021 CS1703M0034 CS1703M0047 CS1703M0049 CS1703M0053 CS1703M0065 CS1703M0066 CS1703M0067 CS1703M0072 CS1703M0074 CS1703M0077 CS1703M0078 CS1703M0087 CS1703M0088 CS1703M0093 CS1703M0097 CS1703M0108 CS1703M0116 CS1703M0119 CS1703M0122 CS1703M0123 CS1703M0128 CS1703M0133 CS1703M0141 CS1703M0146 CS1703M0149 CS1703M0152 CS1703M0153 CS1703M0154 CS1703M0157 CS1703M0160 CS1703M0163 CS1703M0164 CS1703M0167 CS1703M0175 CS1703M0181 CS1703M0183 CS1703M0191 CS1703M0201 CS1703M0202 CS1703M0203 CS1703M0209 CS1703M0212 CS1703M0213 CS1703M0215 CS1703M0216 CS1703M0217 CS1703M0218 CS1703M0219 CS1703M0223 CS1703M0224 CS1703M0225 CS1703M0227 CS1703M0228 CS1703M0235 CS1703M0236 CS1703M0239 CS1703M0240 CS1703M0243 CS1703M0244 CS1703M0247 CS1703M0248 CS1703M0251 CS1703M0253 CS1703M0255 CS1703M0262 CS1703M0267 CS1703M0273 CS1703M0275 CS1703M0276 CS1703M0282 CS1703M0285 CS1703M0286 CS1703M0293 CS1703M0294 CS1703M0297 CS1703M0299 CS1703M0300 CS1703M0302 CS1703M0303 CS1704M0306 CS1704M0308 CS1704M0311 CS1704M0312 CS1704M0319 CS1704M0321 CS1704M0323 CS1704M0324 CS1704M0325 CS1704M0336 CS1704M0337 CS1704M0338 CS1704M0339 CS1704M0341 CS1704M0343 CS1704M0347 CS1704M0352 CS1704M0353 CS1704M0354 CS1704M0356 CS1704M0357 CS1704M0361 CS1704M0365 CS1704M0367 CS1704M0368 CS1704M0378 CS1704M0379 CS1704M0381 CS1704M0389 CS1704M0393 CS1704M0394 CS1704M0396 CS1704M0397 CS1704M0399 CS1704M0401 CS1704M0402 CS1704M0404 CS1704M0406 CS1704M0407 CS1704M0408 CS1704M0411 CS1704M0420 CS1704M0423 CS1704M0425 CS1704M0429 CS1704M0434 CS1704M0435 CS1704M0439 CS1704M0444 CS1704M0449 CS1704M0450 CS1704M0451 CS1704M0454 CS1704M0453 CS1704M0455 CS1704M0457 CS1704M0460 CS1704M0464 CS1704M0465 CS1704M0467 CS1704M0471 CS1704M0472 CS1704M0473 CS1704M0479 CS1704M0480 CS1704M0481 CS1704M0482 CS1704M0487 CS1704M0496 CS1704M0499 CS1704M0505 CS1704M0506 CS1704M0513 CS1704M0514 CS1704M0516 CS1704M0517 CS1704M0518 CS1704M0520 CS1704M0527 CS1704M0533 CS1704M0534 CS1704M0543 CS1704M0544 CS1704M0547 CS1704M0548 CS1704M0549 CS1704M0553 CS1704M0558 CS1704M0562 CS1704M0564 CS1704M0566 CS1704M0574 CS1704M0581 CS1704M0586 CS1704M0587 CS1704M0588 CS1704M0595 CS1704M0597 CS1704M0599 CS1704M0602 CS1704M0607 CS1704M0608 CS1704M0617 CS1704M0619 CS1704M0620 CS1704M0623 CS1704M0627 CS1704M0637 CS1704M0638 CS1704M0639

Regular PhD :
CS1703P0005 CS1703P0010 CS1703P0013 CS1703P0014 CS1703P0020 CS1703P0024 CS1703P0036 CS1703P0041 CS1703P0043 CS1703P0046 CS1703P0048 CS1703P0050 CS1703P0052 CS1703P0054 CS1703P0055 CS1703P0058 CS1703P0072 CS1703P0073 CS1703P0077 CS1703P0078 CS1703P0084 CS1703P0086 CS1703P0087 CS1703P0088 CS1703P0089 CS1703P0091 CS1703P0093 CS1703P0097 CS1703P0101 CS1703P0104 CS1703P0106 CS1703P0107 CS1703P0111 CS1703P0112 CS1703P0113 CS1703P0115 CS1703P0116 CS1703P0117 CS1703P0119 CS1703P0121 CS1703P0125 CS1703P0138 CS1703P0139 CS1703P0143 CS1703P0147 CS1703P0149 CS1703P0159 CS1703P0166 CS1703P0167 CS1703P0173 CS1703P0176 CS1703P0178 CS1703P0181 CS1703P0189 CS1703P0190 CS1703P0191 CS1703P0192 CS1703P0196 CS1703P0201 CS1703P0207 CS1703P0217 CS1703P0219 CS1703P0223 CS1703P0227 CS1703P0233 CS1703P0234 CS1703P0239 CS1703P0241 CS1703P0242 CS1703P0243 CS1703P0244 CS1703P0248 CS1703P0254 CS1703P0256 CS1703P0265 CS1703P0269 CS1703P0272 CS1703P0274 CS1703P0278 CS1703P0282 CS1703P0284 CS1703P0285 CS1703P0297 CS1703P0303 CS1703P0310 CS1703P0311 CS1703P0313 CS1703P0316 CS1703P0317 CS1703P0322 CS1703P0324 CS1703P0330 CS1703P0335 CS1703P0339 CS1703P0353 CS1703P0360 CS1703P0364 CS1703P0365 CS1703P0377 CS1703P0378 CS1703P0382 CS1703P0386 CS1703P0387 CS1703P0388 CS1703P0397 CS1703P0399 CS1703P0403 CS1703P0404 CS1703P0408 CS1703P0409 CS1703P0413 CS1703P0416 CS1703P0418 CS1703P0423 CS1703P0427 CS1703P0430 CS1703P0431 CS1703P0434 CS1703P0443 CS1703P0447 CS1703P0450 CS1703P0452 CS1703P0457 CS1703P0458 CS1703P0462 CS1703P0463 CS1703P0471 CS1703P0473 CS1703P0475 CS1703P0482 CS1703P0484 CS1703P0485 CS1703P0490 CS1703P0492 CS1703P0493 CS1703P0501 CS1703P0502 CS1703P0503 CS1703P0506 CS1703P0510 CS1703P0511 CS1703P0513 CS1703P0517 CS1703P0518 CS1703P0522 CS1703P0523 CS1704P0525 CS1704P0526 CS1704P0530 CS1704P0535 CS1704P0539 CS1704P0540 CS1704P0543 CS1704P0547 CS1704P0556 CS1704P0557 CS1704P0558 CS1704P0560 CS1704P0565 CS1704P0570 CS1704P0573 CS1704P0575 CS1704P0582 CS1704P0589 CS1704P0590 CS1704P0594 CS1704P0595 CS1704P0603 CS1704P0604 CS1704P0613 CS1704P0614 CS1704P0616 CS1704P0617 CS1704P0621 CS1704P0628 CS1704P0636 CS1704P0638 CS1704P0644 CS1704P0646 CS1704P0647 CS1704P0655 CS1704P0658 CS1704P0660 CS1704P0663 CS1704P0668 CS1704P0680 CS1704P0681 CS1704P0684 CS1704P0689 CS1704P0693 CS1704P0695 CS1704P0698 CS1704P0701

Direct PhD :
CS1703D0006 CS1703D0019 CS1703D0026 CS1703D0040 CS1703D0042 CS1703D0053 CS1704D0081

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