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Code Course Name Type Pre-req Slot Room Instructor(s) Links
CS1100 Computational Engineering Core F1 CRC 101 Sutanu Chakraborti.
CS1200 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Core B CS14 Jayalal Sarma.
CS2200 Languages, Machines and Computation Core D CS26 B. V. Raghavendra Rao.
CS2600 Computer Organization and Architecture Core CS2300, CS2310
CS2600 Computer Organization Core C CS26 V. Kamakoti.
CS2610 Computer Organization and Architecture Lab Core CS2300, CS2310
CS2610 Assembly Language Programming Lab Core Q DCF-HWL V. Kamakoti.
CS2800 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Core CS1100, CS1200, CS2700, CS2710
CS2800 Data Structures & Algorithms Core B CS26 John Augustine.
CS2810 Object Oriented Algorithms Implementation and Analysis Core CS1200, CS2700, CS2710
CS2810 Advanced Programming Lab Core P DCF-SWL Rupesh Nasre.
CS3200 Computer Networks Core D CS36 Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam.
CS3210 Computer Networks Lab Core Q DCF-SYSL Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam.
CS3400 Principles of Software Engineering Core F CS36 N.S. Narayanaswamy.
CS3410 Software Engineering Lab Core P DCF-Ext N.S. Narayanaswamy.
CS4800 B.Tech Project Elective C. Chandra Sekhar.
CS4880 Industrial Lecture Core Q V. Krishna Nandivada.
CS4900 Undergraduate Research in CS - I Elective CS2200, CS2800, CS2600, CS2810, CS2610 Jayalal Sarma.
CS5800 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Core P NPTEL C. Pandu Rangan.
CS5810 B.Tech(DD) Project - II Core John Augustine.
CS6000 M.Tech Project - III Core CS5990 Meghana Nasre.
CS6011 Kernel Methods for Pattern Recognition Elective C CS34 C. Chandra Sekhar.
CS6013 Modern Compilers - Theory and Practice Elective A CS34 V. Krishna Nandivada.
CS6021 Research Methodology (CSE Module) Core S CS36 N.S. Narayanaswamy.
CS6100 Topics in Design and Analysis of Algorithms Elective CS2800 D CS24 Meghana Nasre.
CS6250 Memory Based Reasoning in AI Elective A CS36 Sutanu Chakraborti.
CS6300 Speech Technology Elective E CS34 Hema A. Murthy.
CS6310 Artificial Neural Networks Elective D CS26 Anurag Mittal.
CS6330 Digital System Testing and Testable Design Elective F CS26 V. Kamakoti.
CS6350 Computer Vision Elective D CS26 Sukhendu Das.
CS6464 Concepts in Statistical Learning Theory Elective B CS36 Sukhendu Das.
CS6530 Applied Cryptography Elective CS2600, CS1200 E CS36 Chester Rebeiro.
CS6700 Reinforcement learning Elective MA2040 E CS24 Balaraman Ravindran.
CS6760 Digital Design Verification Elective R&T CS24 Aritra Hazra.
CS6840 Modern Complexity Theory Elective CS6014 E CS36 Jayalal Sarma.
CS6841 Approximation Algorithms Elective R&T CS26 Ravishankar Krishnaswamy.
CS6843 Program Analysis Elective C CS35 Rupesh Nasre.
CS6844 Advanced Wireless Communications and Networks Elective A CS26 C. Siva Ram Murthy.
CS6845 Pseudorandomness Elective A CS24 B. V. Raghavendra Rao.
CS6847 Cloud Computing Elective B CS24 D. Janakiram.
CS6852 Theory and Applications of Ontologies Elective B CS34 P. Sreenivasa Kumar.
CS7015 Deep Learning Elective CS5011 R&T CS36 Mitesh Khapra.
CS7111 Topics in Cryptography Elective CS6111 R&T CS35 Shweta Agrawal.

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