List of Candidates Recommended for Admission - MS/PhD Programmes (Nov 2019)

The following candidates have been recommended to Dean(Acad. Research) for admission in Nov 2019. Formal admission offer will be made only after due verification and approval from Dean(Acad. Research); this can be expected in about 10 days. Note that the date of joining is Jan 1, 2020. See admissions page for details about the process.

The list given below is sorted in the ascending order of application numbers.


Application No.NameSelected By
CS1907P0003Girish BalakrishnanPanel A (Theory)
CS1910P0007Barah FaziliPanel C (AI & ML)
CS1910P0017Chandrasekar SubramanianPanel C (AI & ML)
CS1910P0101Vimala SPanel C (AI & ML)


Application No.NameSelected By
CS1909M0003Bhagyasree MukherjeeProject
CS1909M0006Shivani SaxenaHTRA
CS1909M0017Debargha BhattacharjeeHTRA
CS1910M0034Pranshu MalviyaProject
CS1910M0072Abhik PaulHTRA
CS1810M0091Abdun NihaalHTRA

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