Dec 1, 2014 : IITM announces “Prof. Mahabala Distinguished Chair Professor Position in Computational Brain Research”

Indian Institute of Technology Madras announces a Chair Professor Position in the name of Prof H N Mahabala, who was a former faculty at the department. The chair professor position has been made possible by a generous donation of Rs 100 million by IIT Madras alumnus and co-Founder of Infosys Kris Gopalakrishnan.
The first occupant of the chair is Dr. Partha Mitra, Principal Investigator at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York. The Mitra Laboratory is a research center which combines theoretical, computational and experimental approaches to understand biological complexity. Three areas of research are expected to be pursued collaboratively at IIT Madras:
  • Closing the knowledge gap for brains (a “circuit diagram” for brains)
  • Closing the understanding gap for brains (understanding about how brains work),
  • Closing the performance gap for brains (impacting society through diagnosing and helping treat neurological disorders, and through machine intelligence).
  • Dr. Mitra is expected to commence his appointment, affiliated with the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, from January 2015.
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