CHECKLIST  FOR TASKS to be performed by a



TA must have a file with a table (records) of items expected in each Class-room / Seminar Hall / Meeting room. Checklist file (download)


First check if all items as per last inspection (or records for the classroom) exist or anything missing. Report by phone/email accordingly.


1.   Check the projector (Switch ON for 5 mins. minimum)


2.   Check the PC system

3.   PA system (if there, switch On and verify)


4.   Data cable(s)

5.   UPS

6.   The screen is working or not (UP/DOWN movement)


7.   Monitor is working properly or not


8.   Check battery of remote - press for a minute continuously


9.   Check all fans (including regular control) and lights working or not.


10.  Any fault detected in previous inspection has been rectified. Generate a double (stronger alarm) if not so.


11. Report (email/phone) if anything is unusual or faulty.


12. Also compulsorily attend (part of duty) weekly TA meeting without fail and report matters.



Report all matters (by email/phone, same or next day latest) after site inspection to: