M.Tech Curriculum

M. Tech (CSE) Curriculum - Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering - July 2015 onwards

Sem.Course No.Course TitleLectureTutorialExt. Tut.LabTotal
1CS5800Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms3100812
Logic and Combinatorics for Computer Science (OR)
Linear Algebra and Random Processes
1CS5810Advanced Programming Laboratory 000639
1ELE1Elective 13100812
1ELE2Elective 23100812
Semester 1 Credits : Total57
2ELE3Elective 33100812
2ELE4Elective 43100812
2ELE5Elective 53100812
2ELE6Elective 63100812
2CS5980 M.Tech Project I00001212
Semester 2 Credits : Total60
3CS5990M.Tech Project II00004848
Semester 3 Credits : Total48
4CS6000M.Tech Project III00003636
Semester 4 Credits : Total36
Total Program Credits : Total201

Additional Requirements/Constraints about M.Tech Curriculum :
  • The L-T-ET-P-O credits may vary for each CSE elective course; the total number of credits will be 12.
  • Project I and II are a prerequisite for Project III. Project-I and II will be evaluated together by a PG committee in the month of November.
  • Students who obtain a grade of D or E for Project I and II (combined) are not allowed to register for Project III. They must register for three Dept. elective courses (equivalent total credits of 36) in lieu of Project III.
  • Students who fail in Project-I and II will be required to register for Project-II again in the fourth semester and complete it successfully. These students will not be allowed to register for Project-III and they are required to register for 3 Dept. elective courses equivalent to 36 credits.
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